Silviculture Services

Silvaculture is at the heart and the history of our company. We are able to properly prepare your site for reforestation by disk trenching, mounding/piling, chain dragging and overstory removal.

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Precision Direct Seeding

In 2011 we planted our first block with direct seeding, the first in Western Canada. Direct seeding is a cost efficient technique that can cover a greater area in less time. In the right condition, direct seeding offers everything traditional hand planting does, but at half the cost. By replacing the vast network that is traditional tree planting, we can cut costs by 50 per cent, increasing your return on investment and doing our part in your sustainable forest management practices.

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Sustainable Forest Management

Reforestation is a complex task. With stringent governmental requirements, cost effectively replenishing cut blocks can be a burden. Doug Brophy Contracting is here to make sustainable forest management a straightforward mission.

By keeping on top of new forest management technologies, we give you the best means to ensure the money you invest into reforestation will not be wasted. Over twenty years ago, we got into the scarification business in Prince George B.C., starting with disc trenching. Through hard work and refined machinery, we’ve grown in services, skill, and equipment to offer all the abilities needed for site preparation across Northern B.C. and Alberta. From disk trenching, to excavator mounding and piling (along with tilling), to chain dragging, and overstory removal, we’ve got your block covered.

As the newest addition to our services, Precision Direct Seeding offers the next step in reforestation, making it cheaper and easier than traditional methods. On the right block, this process gets rid of the need for expensive scarification and hand planting, replacing them with a single equipment operator while still offering results that will satisfy governmental, forest management guidelines. Direct Seeding has been used for decades in Scandinavia with promising results, and while it is still relatively new to North America, this technique offers a cost-effective, potent means of reforestation.

Whether you’re in search of the tried and true to make sure the trees you plant stay healthy and grow well, or are looking for an alternative that will streamline your reforestation efforts and save you money while meeting governmental regulations and deadlines, we offer the services you want to get you the results you need to keep moving forward.

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